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We bring a truly revolutionary approach to technology and media services delivery, for work and for leisure

About IOCE

IOCE is a provider of proven IT, Security, Alternative Energy and Digital Media solutions tailored for domestic and public deployment and implementation across various business and market sectors.

Our expertise in the procurement, configuration and deployment of various open-source and proprietary technologies make us a one-stop-destination for organizations working on diverse market segments, which include Energy, Education, Bio-medical, Logistics, Media and Entertainment, among others.

We also offer an array of in-house solutions and partner with industry-leading service and product developers to offer bespoke solutions that address our clients' specific requirements.

Our Values

We are committed to building solutions beyond boundaries, and to innovate and discover the possibilities that modern technology has to offer.

We are committed to building, nurturing and maintaining strong long-term relationships with our clientele on the basis of trust and commitment.

We are committed the long-term success of our company. We take pride in the solutions we offer, the customers we service and the partners we help.

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